New Technology in Elderly Care

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Welcome to the site that is dedicated to the exchange of information on the New Technology in Elderly Care project (NTEC). The Project is a joint venture between London Borough of Ealing, Ealing Family Housing Association, Hammersmith Hospitals Trust and Imperial College London.

The aim of this project is to evaluate the benefits of new technology aids and devices for older people living in the community. For frail elderly living in hospitals, residential and nursing homes or their own homes, we focus on preventing or detecting:

  1. Falls,
  2. Wandering,
  3. Failure to cope.

The aids and devices we have been evaluating include:

  1. Video-monitoring systems,,
  2. Fall detectors,
  3. Bed monitors,
  4. Chair monitors,
  5. Health monitors.
  6. Electronic tagging
  7. Electronic tracking

Some devices has shown substantial benefits in the care of older people while others have been less successful. Further evaluation is ongoing and new devices and technologies are being investigated including automatic fall detection systems.

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  3. Videomonitoring
  4. Electronic Tracking

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Dr Miskelly's interview on electronic tagging (Copyright BBC)